A vent. 

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I'd love you if it were legal... Actually I still do. But .... I just don't think you'd love me back. I'm just a stupid little twit.

Let me guess you’re under 18? Fuck I’m going to be called a pedophile for this. When two people love each other, age is just a number. I mean there IS a limit to the age, but let me tell you this. I’m 18, my last ex was 29. In my past I was 16 and dated a 20 year old. I was in what I thought was love, drugs fucking pulled it away. He wasn’t who I thought he was.

I just realized something

Yes this will be a rant, and you don’t have to read it. It’s also a vent, you can reply to it if you wish or leave it be. It’s up to you. Hell call me stupid for just realizing this. I mean people will find the smallest things to hate other people. The role-playing world isn’t as friendly as we place it, neither is the Tumblr world. 

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